Join NuView for our Tuesday Workshop:

Smart Money Moves: Private Lending with an IRA

Tuesday, November 28th | 12:00 P.M. EST

Join us for an exclusive live class on Tuesday, November 28th, at 12:00 P.M. EST taught by Jason Sheppard, an IRA Specialist at NuView Trust. During the class "Smart Money Moves: Private Lending with an IRA," Jason will delve into the fascinating world of private lending within your Individual Retirement Account (IRA).


Discover the countless opportunities available to you by harnessing the power of private lending through your IRA. Jason Sheppard will walk you through the ins and outs of this investment strategy, showcasing how it can diversify your portfolio and potentially generate substantial returns. Learn the essential tools and strategies required to make informed investment decisions, whether you're considering loans to individuals, businesses, or real estate projects. This class is a unique opportunity to unlock the doors to a more prosperous retirement and financial security, so don't miss out on the chance to gain a competitive edge in your investment journey!

Meet Our Speaker

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Steve Maldonado
Business Development Representative

A student of Finance at the University of Central Florida, Steve has applied his knowledge to a career in Sales and Business Development working with and building teams to adapt to new market trends in the alternative asset industry.  
Becoming an expert on retirement accounts, Steve has used his industry knowledge to move into his current position as Director of Syndication Solutions at NuView Trust - a premier custodian for self-directed alternative investments with over $2.5B of assets under management. 

Since working with NuView, Steve has had the privilege of developing new relationships with some of the top GPs and Syndicators in the industry, helping them maximize their capital-raising potential through retirement accounts. 
Working closely with NuView's Private Equity team, Steve has assisted in facilitating over 15,000 private equity transactions equating to over $1.25B in equity deployed. 

Steve's passion lies in educating others on how to raise capital from retirement accounts, providing GPs and Syndicators the right tools to get started raising capital through IRA and 401(k) accounts. He is heavily recruited to speak for podcasts or other events as a subject matter expert in tax-advantaged investing through retirement accounts.  
Outside of NuView Trust, Steve is a single father to a beautiful son Steven Jr. They enjoy hiking, kayaking, and adventuring together.
Steve also has a passion for charity and regularly donates his time to the community, participating in projects for Habitat for Humanity, The Sharing Center, and Volunteer Florida.