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The Self-Storage Freight Train: How Self-Storage Beat the Pandemic and Thrives During Recession

Wednesday, July 27th | 1:00 p.m. EDT

Self-storage is widely-accepted as the recession-resistant asset class that investors pivot to when the economy sours. Businesses and individuals downsize during a recession, which creates a surge in demand for self-storage. For that, and so many other reasons, self-storage has the lowest loan default rate and the highest average returns over 25 years compared to the other asset classes in real estate.

So how do you find the best companies to invest with as we head into this bull market for self-storage?

Join NuView and guest speaker, Scott Meyers, as we discuss “How Self-Storage Beat the Pandemic and why it Thrives during a Recession” at 1:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, July 27th. Scott will break down why this asset class outshines all others in Real Estate, ESPECIALLY during a recession, and how to take advantage of the high returns found in self-storage while Wall Street and crypto are suffering.

Meet Our Speaker

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Scott Meyers
Founder, Kingdom Storage Partners

Scott Meyers and his affiliated companies focus on the acquisition, development, and syndication of self-storage facilities nationwide. He currently owns and operates over 2,400,000 square feet and over 14,000 units nationwide. His education organization,, provides courses, tools, live events, and mentoring to help others launch their own self-storage business to enjoy a lifestyle as he has coined, “free from tenants, toilets, and trash!”. His various companies fund and build 4 - 6 houses each year in Mexico by taking his family, staff, and clients on an all-expense-paid short-term mission trip.