Join NuView for our Wednesday Workshop:

Not All Real Estate Investments are Equal

Wednesday, August 3rd at 1:00 P.M. EDT

Join NuView on Wednesday, August 3rd at 1:00 p.m. EDT and guest speaker, Wayne Snell, as he reviews why "Not all Real Estate Investments are Equal". During the workshop, Snell will discuss the various paths that investors can take when investing in real estate as an asset class.

He will review the most common options including purchasing developed single-family or multi-family properties, investing in a fund that owns physical real estate, or buying debt packages such as residential mortgage notes. Throughout the presentation, Snell will discuss each asset type and highlight the specific benefits and drawbacks of each.


Meet Our Speaker

wayne snells

Wayne Snell
Chief Investment Officer | Crowd Capital

Wayne Snell serves as the Chief Investment Officer for Crowd Capital ( and has 15+ years of experience in both active and passive real estate investments across various asset classes, most recently managing a $50MM portfolio of mortgage notes and single-family residences while giving hundreds of families a second chance to keep their homes. His extensive project management, leadership, and financial governance experience uniquely qualify him to lead the investment team. Snell holds an MBA from Long Island University’s CW Post at Brookville, and dual bachelor’s degrees from the University of Buffalo, majoring in both Management Information Systems and Marketing.