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The Attraction of Multifamily Investing

Wednesday, June 15th | 1:00 p.m. EDT

Why are wealthy investors so interested in multifamily investing? The demand is on the rise for this income-generating, recession-resistant alternative. Multifamily investing is a unique opportunity, especially when compared to single-family and other commercial real estate types. It has weathered well through economic downturns and a pandemic. Before diving into America’s favorite asset class, investors should know the advantages and challenges of managing a multifamily investment and the many types of investment vehicles they can use to reap the benefits of cash flow and appreciation.

Join NuView for this week’s workshop with guest speaker, Rosch Wadera, Director of Investment Relations for Upside Avenue, on Wednesday, June 15th at 1:00 p.m. EDT, as he discusses different advantages multifamily investing could offer, the difficulties that may be faced, and how to overcome them.


Meet Our Speaker


Rosch Wadera

Director of Investor Relations for Upside Avenue

As Director of Investor Relations, Rosch is responsible for financial reporting, SEC compliance, and capital raising while serving as a steward to the REIT’s shareholders.

With almost a decade of experience across investment banking and real estate development, Rosch provides a wide range of expertise in financial modeling, portfolio management, and investor relations.

His previous experience includes prefabricated building projects for government agencies such as the City of Austin, leading an investment syndicate focused on single-family residential properties and publicly-traded REITs, as well as investment banking transactions in the oil & gas industry. In his free time, Rosch enjoys working as a KIPP Substitute Teacher.

Rosch holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, with concentrations in accounting and finance, from the University of Texas at Austin.