Join NuView for our Wednesday Workshop:

Due Diligence & Evaluating Note Investments

Wednesday, October 20th | 1:00 p.m. EDT

Notes and mortgages can be incredibly attractive cash-flow investments for Self-Directed IRA investors, but it is essential to do the due diligence not only in the note itself, but also in the property the collateral files, the borrower, the servicing records, and more.

Join NuView Host Nate Hare and seasoned note investor, Fred Moskowitz, on Wednesday, October 20th at 1:00 P.M EDT as they discuss passive vs active note investing, the different subcategories of notes, and how to take advantage of opportunities to diversify your cash flow outside of buy and hold rental investments.


Meet Our Speaker


Fred Moskowitz

Fred Moskowitz is a sought-after speaker, advisor, and trainer on a variety of topics relating to entrepreneurship and investing.


Fred has positioned himself as an authority on investing in alternative assets and on building wealth using Self-Directed IRA accounts. Fred combines a 15-year career devoted to entrepreneurship and investing with a mission to helping people attain a higher level of financial literacy, resulting in the perfect combination of wisdom and experience providing value to aspiring investors from all walks of life.