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The Basics

Wednesday, July 13th | 1:00 p.m. EDT

Join NuView for this week’s workshop with guest speaker, Kaylee McMahon, Co-Founder of Big Sister Security and The Apartment Queen, at 1:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, July 13th. During this workshop, Kaylee will be covering everything you need to know about crowdfunding - starting with the basics.

Are you a non-accredited investor? Do you want to help a start-up company take off by taking money from Wall Street and putting it back on Main Street? Crowdfunding is the answer for you!

Register today to learn how this workshop can help you in gaining a better understanding of crowdfunding possibilities and how you can get started on your own investing journey. 


Meet Our Speaker


Kaylee McMahon
Founder |The Apartment Queen

Kaylee has purchased over 68.2 million dollars in multifamily real estate as a General partner and principle. She sold over 3 million dollars in residential real estate before transitioning into her current full-time syndication role.

She founded the Women Who Invest Wednesday networking group in Dallas, which is also digital, and a podcast called #1 leading ladies. She interviews kick-ass women who are disrupting their industry and the REAL story of how they got where they are. She is developing technology to help make it easy and convenient for women to learn how to make passive income through apartment investing-the Shevest app.

Kaylee has done home flipping, note buying, active/passive investing in apartments, and sometimes is her own lender as she feels that to be truly confident in giving advice, one should NEVER take advice from someone who has never gone through these things themselves.

Kaylee has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education in real estate. In addition, she is always learning about multifamily business models to get her and her partners the best return on investment.

The entire backbone of what gets Kaylee out of bed every day is her “why”. At a 30,000 foot view, it is to create financial independence and space for those experiencing codependency and toxic relationships which hamper their ability to visualize and then manifest what their amazing reality could be. Her company culture models this why and is “Changing the face of multifamily” to bring more women into the light as powerhouse operators, key principles, and limited partners. We will create 1 billion more female SheVestors and “givers” by 2030.